Thursday, January 11, 2007

Training inside and out

The decision to get out of bed earlier can be a mental game! It's cold out and i have a tendancy to be lazy... But i do and i take the drive to Point Lobos. I run/pant/walk/run/ the entire loop and feel so HAPPY. I love running outside! It's always harder for me physically than running on a treadmill, but infinately more rewarding.

January at the Gym can be a drag because everyone and their new years resolution is there. Chances are that less people will be there by February, but it makes it harder for me to go. I have my "set" i listen to on the stairmaster that keeps me climbing and i stole a photo of Hillary Swank from Vanity Fair that is a KICK ASS running photo (i think while she was training for million dollar baby). it motivates me!

Tomorow we are doing Soberanes - it's a great vertical hike with views of the ocean. I'll let you know - pant pant pant!


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